When is Field Day?

Starts: Saterday, May 24 @ 1:00 PM CST

Ends: Sunday, May 25 @ 1:00 PM CST

What is Field Day?

The ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Field Day is an annual event in the United States and Canada that takes place on the fourth full weekend in June. It is the largest on-the-air operating event in amateur radio and serves as a way for amateur radio operators to practice their emergency communication capabilities.

During Field Day, amateur radio operators set up temporary stations in various locations, such as parks, fields, or other outdoor areas. They operate their equipment using emergency power sources, such as generators or batteries, to simulate the conditions that might be encountered during an actual emergency or disaster situation. The goal is to make as many contacts with other stations as possible within a 24-hour period.

Why Shoud GMRS License holder Attend?

Attending the ARRL Field Day as a GMRS license holder may still be of interest to individuals who are curious about amateur radio and want to learn more about the hobby. They can observe and participate in activities, talk to experienced amateur radio operators, and gain a better understanding of the capabilities and technologies involved in amateur radio operations.

Additionally, Field Day often includes educational sessions, demonstrations of different operating modes, and opportunities for hands-on experience with various equipment. So, even though GMRS and amateur radio are separate services, individuals with a GMRS license can still benefit from attending Field Day to expand their knowledge and explore the broader world of radio communications.

Location of Field Day Operations

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