You must use a computer (not a mobile device) and have Adobe Acrobat READER or a similar pdf program.

  1. Go to FCC Universal License System web site:
  2. Click the link under ”Filling” -> “Online Filing” to log in.
  3. In “License Manager” enter your FRN and the password you supplied when you initially got your FRN, then Submit.
  4. Forgot your password – never had a password ? Click on the “Contact Tech Support” link.
  5. Under “License Manager, My Licenses” you will see your current licenses, including your ham license.
  6. At the top of the page find 
  7. Change your paper authorization preference here or download your official electronic authorizations now.
  8. Click “now.”
  9. In “License Manager, Download Authorizations, My Authorizations” (part way down the page), click on the license you wish to print, e.g. your ham license, and then “Add.”
  10. Finally, click “Download” (farther down on the right).
  11. Your license will appear as a .pdf document for saving and/or printing.
  12. Repeat as needed.