Article 1 – Scope

The following articles shall apply to all persons intending to operate the repeater systems associated with Texas GMRS Network, hereafter referred to as the ‘GROUP’ and ‘REPEATER SYSTEM’ respectively.

Article 2 – Repeater Owners

The owners of the REPEATER SYSTEM (‘OWNERS’) consist of the following individuals, which are legally responsible for the proper operation of their respective components in the REPEATER SYSTEM pursuant to FCC CFR 47, Part 95, Subpart E.  For a list of individual repeater owners, please contact us.

Except where noted, all repeater interlinking equipment and software within direct control of the REPEATER SYSTEM, including radio traffic carried across these components: WQYR748

Article 3 – Usage Requirements

All control operators (henceforth known as ‘CONTROL OPERATORS,’ ‘OPERATORS,’ or ‘USERS’) enter in agreement with the OWNERS the use of the REPEATER SYSTEM under the following conditions:

  1. Users must operate in compliance with the FCC rules and regulations governing the GMRS, that is the FCC Code of Federal Regulations, Part 95, Sub-part E
  2. The REPEATER SYSTEM is provided for the purposes of contacting and passing information between fellow GMRS operators, and providing service to the public as a voluntary, noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications. The REPEATER SYSTEM shall not be used to conduct business operations except where explicitly approved by the GROUP as given in appendix A below.
  3. The following shall not be tolerated on the REPEATER SYSTEM:
    1. Malicious or intentional interference of anyone´s communications. 
    2. Obscene, indecent, racist, derogatory, or otherwise profane words, language, or meanings. Discussion of political or potentially sensitive social issues is discouraged.
    3. Communications related to the conducting of any illegal activities or operations.
  4. Those who wish to utilize the REPEATER SYSTEM to host radio nets must first have the proposed net approved by the GROUP. Approved nets are given in Appendix B below.
  5. Users shall not communicate with, or discuss the actions of, any individual that violates these terms of use. This includes the actions of individuals who intend to generate malicious interference, commonly known as “jamming.”
  6. Excepting the OWNERS, no individual has a legal right to use any repeater equipment, it is private equipment provided to the licensed public as a courtesy only. The OWNERS reserve the right to forbid the use of the repeaters by anyone who repeatedly violates these rules, or anyone who facilitates or encourages others to violate these rules. Large scale, repeated violation of these rules may result in the revocation of all public access from the REPEATER SYSTEM, upon which it shall be made available on an as-requested basis per individual.
  7. USERS and/or OPERATORS shall agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the OWNERS and the ASSOCIATION from liability and claim for damages because of bodily injury, death, property damage, sickness, disease or less any expense arising from any situations resulting from the use and operation of the REPEATER SYSTEM. Use at your own risk.

Appendix A – Permitted Business Users

The following businesses shall be permitted to utilize the REPEATER SYSTEM as part of mutual operation of repeater equipment. Usage shall be compliant with FCC CFR 47, Part 95, Subpart E. Businesses carry no affiliation with the Texas GMRS Network outside of the operation of mutually utilized equipment and infrastructure, and are solely responsible for the legal operation of the system to the extent of their communications:

None at this time.

Appendix B – Permitted Radio Nets

The following radio nets are permitted on the REPEATER SYSTEM. Radio nets shall be operated in compliance with FCC CFR 47, Part 95, Subpart E. Radio nets carry no affiliation with the Tucson GMRS Association, except when explicitly noted.

  1. National GMRS Net, meeting every Sunday at 7PM Central Time

Appendix C – Repeater Linking Policy

The REPEATER SYSTEM is open for internet linking via Asterisk APP_RPT using the IAX voice protocol as made popular by the Amateur Radio Allstar Link system.

The system is registered via the myGMRS registration server, and the REPEATER SYSTEM is open for linking and usage by any devices using the IAX protocol. If you maintain linked GMRS repeater systems outside of the myGMRS registration server, and you would like to link, please send us a message via the Contact Page so we can coordinate the connection.

The GROUP firmly believes that GMRS systems should be open to use by all members of the community that are properly licensed. Accordingly, we publish our access tones to any GMRS licensee that registers on our website; this is extended to the entire GMRS community as regulated by the FCC, meaning all of the United States and its territories. We do this in good faith, and believe that most users will do their best to abide by the rules and practice good etiquette to the best of their knowledge.

Access to our system is a mutual privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to blacklist specific licensees, nodes, or external repeater systems that cause undue interference or malignant traffic via internet linking, as outlined in these terms of use.